What was the point of Corepoint?

Funded under the INTERREG IIIB programme, Corepoint was a €4.2m project with 12 Partners from Ireland, UK, France, Netherlands and Belgium and was led by the Coastal & Marine Resources Centre in University College Cork. The Project utilised the expertise within the project consortium to attempt to progress the development and implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) solutions across the Northwest Europe (NWE) region.

Corepoint aimed to influence policy by providing practical advice to policy makers and managers through focusing research on the issues and policies that influence coastal management at regional, national and local level. This three-pronged approach adopted by the Project yielded results with Corepoint being referenced both in Europe and also across the international arena.

Download the document 'The Point of Corepoint' here

North West Europe Level:

Regional level conferences were organised to stimulate discussion on the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) contained in the EC ICZM Recommendation. Research focused on the legal, economic and managerial aspects of our coasts across each of the North West Europe member states. Partners gave presentations on ICZM to the European Union directly and at numerous international conferences and events.

National Level:

National Advisory Boards were established to enable dialogue between policy makers, policy implementers and research centres. The enhanced dialogue between partners and their national governments has been one of the stand-out successes of the Project.

Local Level:

At local level the Project successfully nurtured Expert Couplet working between research centres and local authorities, established Fora and organised Expert Surgeries and ICZM Training Workshops. This has enabled Partners to promote the benefits of ICZM at a community level and has provided a mechanism for local stakeholders to express their interests.